About Us

Who we are

Our company was established in April 2015 to carry out consultancy, Project Management, Investment and Finance activities in various fields, mainly oil and gas, Mega projects, Construction, Commodities and Energy. The establishment of this company at this particular time (after the global financial crisis that hit all countries of the world in 2008 and its consequences to the year of the birth of the company 2015) is in itself a great challenge however the owners and supervisors utilized their extensive experience in the Gulf market in general and the UAE in particular, For the major companies operating in the competencies mentioned previously. A lot has been achieved with many success stories, dealing with RH provides confidence in consultations that are provided with high, scientific and practicalities that led to correct the tracks required for the work and production. These ensured profits are regained after suffering losses. After a short period of time, the company was able to build up its own financial resources to invest in projects for companies, individuals and government entities wishing to do so, on the basis of economic and environmental feasibility studies and the existing project record, challenges and opportunities.

Our Experience

R.H. provides turnkey solutions to all business sectors which help and guide them transforming their business with a vision. We're prepared to discuss the market's key challenges, including price volatility, as well as the opportunities related to cost and productivity, supply chain, operating models and more.